USPS Tracking

USPS Tracking is one of the leading independent agency of the United States Federal Government which is responsible for providing postal services. The organization has employed million employees who dedicated towards their work and providing the services to customers very effectively and efficiently. In charge of over half a million employees, the team of executives will lead the postal service towards more innovation, profit and efficiency. This postal service organization included current initiatives, securing the mail, Redress, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, government services, postal customer council, and service performance results. It transforming the business based on anticipating and embracing the upcoming innovative technologies and mailing preferences. With the specific strategies, this company actively and continually looking at ways to meet the new challenges of today's mail and shipping needs.

The Office of strategic planning supports the postmaster general and senior management to analyze the future needs of postal service. USPS Tracking online website current initiatives subsuming mailer education programs, household diary, financials, legal issues, administrative decisions, No fear act information & data, and area mail processing. REDRESS is abbreviated as Resolve Employment Disputes Reach Equitable Solutions Swiftly which is the alternative postal service dispute resolution mediation program. It is available to all employees equally on behalf of the postal service equal employment opportunity complaint process. REDRESS is recognized as one of the United States of America's leading conflict resolution programs. The company doing businesses with suppliers, licensing, rights & promotions, IT policies, public key infrastructure, and rights & permissions. It values the relationships with suppliers. Whether you're a supplier or wants to do business with USPS postal service, you can find the information about the business with postal service. This postal service offers services including quick tools, mail & ship, track & manage, postal store, business and international tracking.

Track & Manage

USPS Tracking allows the users to track the delivered parcels very easily on the online site based on entered USPS tracking number. You can create a free My USPS account and automatically view all of your inbound USPS packages without the need of any tracking numbers. You can schedule delivery alerts, Through this account, you can schedule delivery alerts, request delivery and more. Manage your mail allows you to change your address online in a few simple steps. It is safe and secure because the company verifies your identity and you'll get an immediate confirmation email once the process has been completed. You will get an instant access to over $500 in valuable coupons which are provided by third party retailers in your area. The tracking services helpful to keep up with your mailing. Mail Tracking & Reporting services allow you to access the services such as confirm reports and product performance. Download USPS Mobile app

In the product performance, you can able to get the performance reports for your parcels to a Network Distribution Center, Sectional center facility or Destination Delivery Unit. Along with the tracking services, it offers the postal services like schedule a redelivery, hold mail, forward mail, change of address, and rent or renew PO box. Whether you missed the delivery of a mail, you can set a schedule for redelivery online using the peach colored slip by your carrier to lookup your items and reschedule the delivery. For same day delivery, you must ensure that your request should be submitted during opening hours from Monday to Saturday. Redelivery may not be available for your ZIP code or check out with the local post office store to know the information about pickup. Hold mail service is useful for holding your mail safely at the local post office unless you return it. You can make a schedule for hold mail service through the online site in simple steps. Check out usps returns

Using this service, you can notify the postal service up to 30 days in advance or as early as the next day delivery. Before applying for hold mail service, you can check out the availability of service for your local area with the use of ZIP code or postal code. It will hold all mail for the specific address rather than individual's. Later, fill your information and choose the dates for your hold mail request. The important note is that if you want to hold the mail for more than 30 days, you can sign up for a USPS Forward Mail Service. This service included two types regular forward mail and premium forwarding service. Whether you're making a long-term move or you will be stayed in a new address for few months due to personal issues, this forwarding mail service is very helpful to hold your mails over 30 days. If you're making a permanent move or wants to change the address, you can use this service for providing the new address. 

In case of temporary move, you can use this service as short as 15 days or extend it to 1 year. For making it one year temporary move, you can extend for another six months after completion of first six months. Premium forwarding service residential is also a temporary service that can be a minimum of 2 weeks up to a maximum of 1 year. This online option service is not currently available for PO box addresses. Premium forwarding service takes an enrollment fee of $19.35 retail or $17.75. For each week of service, you can pay of $19.95. Most of the mails will be packaged on every Wednesday and sent to you via priority mail service. You will receive an email notification to your USPS account along with the tracking number. Depending on distance of chosen location, you will get the parcel within 1 or 2 or 3 business days. Priority mail items are shipped to you instantly rerouted directly to you. Premium forwarding service residential is a domestic service only.

PO Boxes

This postal service offers the PO Boxes online where you will be able to get the benefits such as reserve a new PO Box, Renew a PO Box, and Link a PO Box. You can reserve with your existing account or new account. Using renew a PO Box, you can make a payment for the PO Box you're managing online and save a trip to the Post Office location. Instead of visiting the PO location every time, you can opt for linking a PO Box to your USPS account. In simple steps, you can apply for PO Boxes online for your account. 

In first step, you can search for Post Office locations near you using the search box under "reserve a PO Box" and choose a post office location accordingly. You can make selections on your desired PO Box size and payment period. In order to reserve your PO Box, you need to enter your contact & Billing information. You can choose the PO Box size among available sizes including size 1-XS, size 2-S, size 3-M, size 4-L, and size 5-XL. Size 1-XS holds 10-15 letters or 2 rolled magazines. The advantages of PO Boxes online subsuming security, privacy and accessibility. In security, you can avoid having delivered packages sit on your doorstep when your box is eligible for premium PO Box services. If a package is too large to fit in the package, it will be held at the Post Office location only. Through the private option, you can keep your home address private and important documents and confidential giving you piece of mind. check usps postage rates

With 24/7 access, you can access your mail through this PO Boxes online in some locations and extended hours. Smartphone alerts let you know about the information related to when your box is eligible for a premium PO boxes service locations.  

Quick Tools

USPS Quick tools are track a package, informed delivery, find USPS locations, buy stamps, schedule a pickup, calculate a price, look up a zip code, hold mail, change my address, free boxes, and rent or renew PO Boxes. On the online site, you can sign up for free informed delivery notifications and check out your mailbox from the inbox. With the help of this informed delivery services, you can able to get the advantages such as view your household mail even while travelling, get an email each morning with digital images of mail that is arriving soon, and get access to special offers and incentives right on dashboard. If you want more quick sections or ways to access call usps contact number

How to Manage Packages with My USPS

Using USPS account, you can get the benefits of sell all your packages, manage what is inbound and create a free account. You can get started in three easy steps such as create your account, verify your identity and manage your packages. The other advantages are included no need of keep monitoring the tracking numbers, customize how want to be notified, and take control of your deliveries.

Mail & Ship

If you want to save the time or ship from home, USPS offers you mail & ship option from which you can do the things like print & ship, order stamps & supplies, calculate a price, look up a ZIP code, schedule a pickup, find USPS locations, online shipping, mail & shipping services, insurance & extra services, preparing shipments, military & diplomatic mail, usps shipments and money orders.